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What does the process of applying for a position through BrainGain look like?

Step 1) Sign up and fill out survey.
Step 2) Select positions of interest on candidate dashboard.
Step 3) BrainGain sends your resume to the companies we work with.
Step 4) Company accepts or rejects the candidate.
Step 5) If accepted: Connect for interview.
Step 6) Company conducts interview with candidate.
Step 7) If accepted: Company extends offer to candidate.
Step 8) Candidate accepts or rejects offer.
Step 9) If accepted: Congratulations! Let the journey begin :)

What types of positions can I apply for through BrainGain?

– Sales/ Business Development
– Digital Marketing
– Engineering (Front End & Back End Development, Mobile App Development)
– Data Science (Statistics, Data Mining, Quantitative Analysis, Linear Regression Modeling)
– Design (UX/UI, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design)
– Finance (Accounting, Financial Analysis and Bookkeeping,VC and Impact Investments)

Where do you have opportunities available?

We currently work with companies in Bangalore, India, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our near term plans include Hanoi, Vietnam; Singapore; Jakarta, Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; and Bangkok, Thailand. In the future we hope to expand to Central and South America. If a specific geography is of interest to you, please do let us know so we can prioritize our expansion efforts!

What is the duration of the work contract?

Generally, contracts fall into one of four categories, listed in order of frequency.
– 1 year employment
– 8-12 week internships
– 6 Month Co-Ops
– Freelance contract work

What type of salary can I expect for these positions?

For 1 Year Contracts, the general salary breakdown (from past entry level positions) is as follows:

Marketing: $600-1000 USD/month (Rs. 40,000-60,000; RM 2500-4000)
Design: $700-1200 USD/month (Rs. 50,000-80,000; RM 3000-5000)
Tech: $1000+ USD/month (Rs. 60,000+; RM 4000+)

BrainGain Tip: It is helpful to approach salaries abroad from the perspective of “What am I looking to save on a monthly basis?” Lower salaries are often compensated by a corresponding reduction in cost of living. As with any geography, it is important to view your salary in the context of your expenses. For more information on salaries, please read our article “Earn Less, Save More: Salary Expectations Abroad.

For Internships, the company generally pays for housing and will provide a small stipend of $100-300 USD/month (Rs. 5,000-20,000; RM 400-1200). In general, technical positions will receive higher stipends. More established or well-funded organizations may provide additional perks, including food, transportation, or other in-kind benefits.

What are my expected work hours?

All positions are full time and should be treated as such. Working hours will vary by company but are typically around 10a-6p. It is the responsibility of both the company and the candidate to set expectations prior to employment.

What vaccinations will I need prior to my departure? What about my prescription medications?

In most instances you will already be up to date with all of the necessary vaccinations that you will need to receive. There are a few optional vaccinations – such as Japanese encephalitis – that can be obtained at your discretion. Many candidates also obtain Malaria medication prior to coming abroad. While Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur are not areas with a high incidence of malaria, it is still a risk. We recommend that you speak with your local physician and weigh your options.

If there are any prescriptions or medications that you take in your home country on a daily basis, we recommend that you obtain a sufficient quantity to cover you for the duration of your stay. While prescription medication is typically readily available, quality is variable and certain medications may be difficult to fill. We are also happy to work with you to better help you make a decision on what you should be prepared to bring along with you.

What is the fee BrainGain charges?

6 Months or Less: $500 USD

1 Year: Free of charge!

Any position through BrainGain is inclusive of the following services:

Pre-departure support
We act as a buffer between you and the company throughout the interview process. This includes assistance with your resume, helping you in interviews, offer negotiations, and anything else you might need from us prior to your acceptance of a position. Additionally, we will provide you with handbooks and documentation to better understand your transition into a new country. This is everything from food and customs to what to pack and more!

Medical Insurance Advising
The BrainGain team will advise on international medical insurance options that are available for you to purchase.

General acclimation and support
We will provide resources to help you become comfortable in your new city, including setting up your phone and internet connection, and advice on things to do, places to see, and how to get around!

The BrainGain Family
Since we place candidates on a rolling basis, you will always have an existing family waiting to welcome you with open arms upon your arrival. For anyone who has studied or spent meaningful time abroad, you know that the best part is often not the country itself, but rather the people who join you on the journey. This is what we’re all about – providing you with a family to share in your experiences and get the most out of your time abroad.

We also provide the following fee-based services for those who like the additional assistance:

Housing support – $250
BrainGain team members will assist you in finding suitable housing for your stay. We can arrange this before you arrive, or can place you in temporary housing for your first two weeks in country while helping you find a more permanent home. This is arranged strictly by the preference of the candidate.

Airport pick-up – $100
We will arrange for you to be picked up from the airport upon your arrival and will take you directly to your housing arrangement.

24/7 “Crisis aversion” support – $500
The BrainGain team will be a primary point of contact for you. In case of a crisis or emergency (even non-emergencies, for that matter), you can pick up the phone in confidence. If you want to spare your mother the panicked phone-call at 2 in the morning, this support is for you ☺. We’ve all been there before, and we understand the unique challenges that come with living and working abroad. We’ll do whatever we can to help you enjoy the experience, at all hours of the day (or night)!

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon acceptance of the position. Once we have received your payment we will begin arranging the logistics of your travel. It is absolutely free to go through the interview process and speak with as many companies as you would like. We fully encourage you to evaluate all of your options to ensure that you find a suitable placement with a company you love!

What else will I be responsible for paying?

We expect for the candidate to pay for their round-trip airfare and visa fees, unless otherwise stated by the organization with which you will be working. We do this to ensure that candidates are investing in themselves for this opportunity and have their own “skin in the game” (and plan to stay here for the full duration of their contract!). You will also be responsible for covering the cost of your housing deposit and associated moving-in/relocation/acclimation expenses. In general, these are as follows:

Airfare: $1000 USD
Visa Fees: $200 USD
Housing Deposit: $500 USD
Relocation/Moving-In: $200 USD

Listed expenses are the average for previous candidates but are expected to vary.

What happens if I want to leave before my contract is finished?

In all circumstances, 30 days written notice must be given to employer in the event that you elect to leave the company. You will be expected to finish out the 30 days to the best of your abilities and tie up any loose ends to make the transition as smooth as possible for both parties. Please approach this situation amicably and do not “burn bridges”, as this will reflect poorly on yourself as well as BrainGain.

In the event of a medical or family emergency we will handle situations on a case-by-case basis, as we understand there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that would require one to leave the country on short notice.

What happens if I want to continue working with the organization after my internship or employment contract is finished?

We fully encourage you to continue working with your host organization, especially if you have just finished a yearlong contract and would like to complete another year. If you are having a great experience and the company would like to continue working with you this is the single best outcome we could ever ask for here at BrainGain, as this means you had a great experience! Companies are generally happy to keep you on board and retain you as a member of their team, as this helps for you to make a lasting impact on the organization. If you are to stay on board, BrainGain will still be here as a resource for you.

Expectation Setting

Work First; Travel Second

Please take into account that these are serious positions with serious companies. This is not workaway, teaching English, or voluntourism. The companies we work with are bringing you on board with the intention of putting you to work and having you contribute to their organization. They want you to perform. This is a work 1st > travel 2nd type of experience. This is a professional development opportunity for career growth and we expect our applicants to bring this level of professionalism to the table. You are not on a working vacation or sabbatical. Do not interview with companies unless you are seriously considering this as a viable career path.

Transparency and Communication

We also ask that you are transparent with the companies you are interviewing with. Please let them know if you are evaluating other opportunities, interviewing with other companies, and considering other options. Please let them know how this ranks in terms of your priorities and willingness to accept. Voice your concerns to them during your initial conversations. Feel free to ask questions; they understand that you are interviewing them as well to see if this fits for what you are looking for.

Expectation setting, transparency, and communication with the companies you are interviewing with are essential to building positive lines of dialogue and a fruitful relationship with your future employer.

Discuss this opportunity with your family

Please talk with your family before interviewing with the companies that we have to offer. Moving abroad is a big decision, and one that requires necessary prior conversations with friends and family. We want to make sure that your family fully support you in your decision to work abroad, and that they feel safe and comfortable sending you to us and are confident in our care and support of you throughout your stay.

Interview Checklist

– Are you seriously considering these positions, and if offered, is there a high likelihood you will accept?
– Have you discussed this with your family?
– Do you have enough money budgeted based on our financial projections and estimates?
– Are you prepared for the experience of a lifetime?!?!


Why would someone from the US/UK/EU or elsewhere want to work abroad?

Currently, if you are hoping to work abroad – especially as someone from the west hoping to come to an emerging economy – your options are generally limited to teaching English or volunteering. Career relevant opportunities abroad are few and far between. We represent a new opportunity for them to find international work that is relevant to their career goals and will help them to build a valuable skill set for the future. Candidates can take on more responsibility, learn faster, and work on projects that will advance them professionally for years to come.

According to a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group, the top reasons job-seekers give for finding a foreign work assignment include broadening personal experiences, ability to live in a different culture, to learn a new language, or simply “for the challenge”. Each of these reasons were found to be just as valuable or more valuable than improved salary prospects. Employers are often surprised that job-seekers generally value their professional and personal growth experience so much so that they are open to lower wages than what they’d receive in their home countries.

Why should I hire foreign talent?

We suggest hiring from abroad when there are certain types of talent that you have a hard time reaching within your local talent pool. In general, we find that companies oftentimes have difficulty finding marketing, design, and technical talent.

Hiring talent from abroad also helps you to build a diverse, globally minded team to grow your business. It is our goal to bring you minds that will grow your business by adding a fresh perspective, background, and skillset to your projects.

What type of talent do you have available?

Click here to see candidate breakdown

How does the process work?

1) To begin the process, please start by creating an account for employers.

2) Once you have signed up, we will need to first review your account internally and get back to you once you have been accepted/declined. Generally speaking, companies are only declined if they do not have sufficient traction/growth to provide our candidates with stability. If you have not received any funding or have not demonstrated product/market fit with paying customers, we won’t be able to recruit for you.

3) Once your account has been accepted, you can login and create your JD’s. You can find a product demo of how to create a JD here.

4) After creating a JD, you will need to set your interview availability so that you can easily schedule interviews with candidates at your convenience. We use a “set it and forget it” method, where you can set your availability once, and then candidates will automatically be sent your available times to interview. You can find a product demo of how to set your interview availability here.

If you would like to, you can skip this step and set your availability once you would like to interview a candidate.

5) Once your JD(s) is live you start receiving candidates! We will send you candidates via email with their resume attached. The email will have a link to manage the candidate through your dashboard. From the dashboard you can reject candidates, invite them to interview, and make job offers. A product demo of how to manage candidates from the dashboard can be found here.

6) Once connected to a candidate for the interview, you can conduct the vetting and interview process as per your company guidelines, while keeping us in the loop throughout the process.

Note: Unlike other job boards where you receive 100’s of resumes and 90% are irrelevant to the position listed, we will only send you candidates that are a relevant fit for what you are looking for. We have a member on our team who screens resumes and rejects candidates that have applied for your position who weren’t a relevant fit. As employers provide us with feedback on the candidates we are sending, we can also refine the process and get better over time at screening for you.

Can I browse through your database of candidates and invite them to apply?

Absolutely yes! From your dashboard you can click on the “browse candidates” button to see the full database of candidates whom have submit their resume to us. You can view a Product Demo of how this works here.

What does your screening process look like?

Based on what employers tell us they are looking for, we will only send across resumes that fit your criteria. For example, if you tell us that you only want candidates who have previously worked in Investment Banking or come from a well known university, we will make sure candidates fit the bill before sending them across. In the past we have companies send us guidelines of what they are looking for, resumes of past employees who were hired, and general criteria for us to follow. While we do not get on the phone with candidates in this screening process, we do actively send them emails and ask for clarifications on past employment, intentions for applying, fitment concerns, etc. If you find that the candidates we send across aren’t up to par, please let us know what we need to improve and we will change the way we recruit.

Can I issue Challenges to candidates?

Yes! Many companies we work with issue coding challenges and other forms of assessment to gauge the skills that a candidate has before investing time to interview. If you would like to administer a challenge of any kind to prospective candidates, please let us know and we will send this across to candidates before we send them your way. As candidates complete these challenges we will send it across with the rest of their information as mentioned above.

What are the salary expectations of candidates?

Internships/Short Term Hires: The goal for most short-term candidates is to break even throughout their work experience. In other words, companies that are able to offset the expenses of the candidate receive a greater number of quality applicants. The general expectation is that the company provides accommodation and small living stipend for the candidate. Many companies will also offer food, transportation, and other in-kind benefits to compensate instead of, or in addition to, a stipend. The most common reasons we see for drop-off’s in internship job offers are related to a salary/stipend that can’t cover general costs of living.

Year Long/Full Time Hires: The best way to handle salary discussions is to ask the candidate “What are you looking to save on a month to month basis?”, and then work backwards from there by factoring in cost of living. Let’s say for example that a candidate says they would like to save $500 USD/month, you could then add cost of living to that number, and arrive at their salary. This is a great way to get everyone on the same page, instead of them saying to you, “I currently make $80,000 USD and I’m not sure what a fair salary is”. Working with savings, rather than total offer, is the best way to create alignment and trust.

What if the candidate quits or is fired?

Internships are refundable in the event a candidate quits or is fired within the first 30 days of their contract.

For full time roles, The first three months of the contract are a probation period. If the employee quits or is fired within the first three months of their contract BrainGain will be responsible for providing a full refund in the event that we cannot find a replacement candidate within 45 days. If the employee quits within 6 months but after the three-month probation period, a 50% refund will be given. No refund will be given for any candidates who quit after 6 months. If the employee is fired after the 3-month probation period, no refund will be given. In the event the employee must return to their home country due to personal reasons, we will consider refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Questions to ask during the interview?

Given that these positions are international in nature, please make sure you discuss the following points in your initial interview with candidates to make sure that everyone is on the same page and expectations are aligned:
• Desired duration
• Desired salary – *Note – See “Compensation Expectations”
• Anticipated start date
• Are you interviewing for other positions?
• Have you lived abroad before, and if so, for how long?

I want to hire someone - What are my next steps?

Assuming that salary and duration of position have already been discussed, the next step is to send an official offer letter to the candidate outlining the duration of contract, salary offered, and anticipated start date. We ask that you CC BrainGain onto this email so that we are in the loop and aware that an offer has been made.

Once the offer has been made we will reach out to the candidate and see if they have any final questions or concerns before making their decision. In this stage of the process it is normal for candidates to come back with questions and/or negotiations depending on how thorough the interview process has been.

When the candidate has accepted the position, we can then help arrange the pre-arrival logistics of your new employee and make sure that they are prepared for the transition ahead. Throughout this part of the process we’re actively here to help candidates and makes sure that they feel comfortable throughout the process.

What type of visa will we bring the candidate in on?

Visas are handled on a case-by-case basis depending on the country the candidate will be working in, their home country, duration of position offered, and salary offered. It the responsibility of the company to bring a candidate in on the proper visa and BrainGain does not get involved in the visa processing of candidates.

If the company and/or candidate elects to forego filing the proper visa, BrainGain bears no responsibility for any potential repercussions.

What type of support does BrainGain provide to candidates?

We provide candidates with content that educate them on everything from housing and medical insurance to general acclimation. It tells them where to go, what to do, how to get around, and what to do in the event of an emergency. In many instances we are not in the host country that the candidate is working in, so while we provide them with content on how to get by, you will be the primary contact of the employee in the event that they have an emergency.

In the event that there is an issue between you and a candidate that you have hired through us, we are actively there to support both sides and come to a common agreement. These are handled on a case-by-case basis, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that both parties are on the same page and handle the problem effectively.

How will you assist with Medical Insurance?

In most circumstances the medical insurance plan that they have in their home country will remain in effect while they are abroad. In the event they would like to purchase additional coverage, we advise them on their options. While we do not purchase the medical insurance for the intern, we will send them a list of resources and pricing for various international medical insurance plans. It is the responsibility of the employee to buy this on their own if they so choose. The same applies to vaccinations and prescriptions they will need throughout the duration of their stay.

Who is responsible for finding housing for candidates?

Depending on the pricing options you have selected (more on this below), we can work with the candidate to find them a place to stay, or the company can bear the responsibility. In either case we always provide candidates with resources and guidelines on how to find housing for themselves, anticipated costs, laws to be aware of, negotiating strategies and more. Some of the companies we work with already have housing available for employees; if this is the case we encourage you to offer this as an option to your new employees.

What does BrainGain charge for it's services?

1 year: Startup pays 12% of the yearly agreed upon contract.

6 months: Startup pays One Month Salary of the yearly agreed upon contract (8.333%).

3: Startup pays $500 USD

For placements 6 months to 1 year in duration, this payment is split 50% at time the candidate begins working and 50% after 90 days from the start of the contract.

For any placements less than 6 months, the full payment will be due at the start date of the candidate.

Do you have bulk pricing options?

Yes! In the event you hire 3 or more people in a 3-month span, we can knock our 1 year pricing down to 1 month salary (~8.3333%) and internships down to $350.

What if we would like to hire the candidate after their contract is finished?

Internships/Short Term Hires: In the event that you would like to hire the candidate after their placement is complete, we generally charge the company a 1 month’s salary placement fee – this is coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

Year Long/Full Time Hires: In the event that you would like to hire the candidate after their first year is complete, we fully encourage this. At this point we no longer remain involved in the process and you are free to come to terms with the employee in whatever capacity you see fit.


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