Our Mission

To help you find a job outside of your home country regardless of where your passport is from.





We discover the best companies to work for. Early stage startups that will provide you with responsibility and meaningful work.  Hands on experiential learning that will equip you with a skill set any employer will value.



We find the best fit for you and your professional needs. We believe that the right chemistry between employer and employee is what creates a lasting, productive experience. We take pride in our matchmaking process.



Moving to a new country is never easy. That’s why we handle your housing, medical insurance, and general acclimation to a new country. We are here to help you throughout this period of transition.

What our placements say

  • BrainGain sorted everything. The guys were sharp, always on point and able to answer any question within hours. They were proactively sending me job positions and helping me out with every single aspect.

    — Cristian —
  • I have enjoyed the trust from the company’s co-founders and the friendliness of my new colleagues. I’ve gotten the chance to interact with every team in the company in some way or another. That type of end-to-end exposure has been an excellent way to begin identifying what types of work I do and don’t enjoy. It’s also allowed me to see how all of the pieces of a company must work together to grow a successful business—especially in the unique context of a foreign country.

    — Perry —
  • I worked closely with the founders so I got great insights into what it takes to run a startup. I was given a lot of responsibility and helped create their HR department. I built processes and implemented policies whilst learning along the way.

    — Antoine —
  • When you decide to come abroad with BrainGain I can promise that you will be taken care of. The introduction to India I had was wonderful. BrainGain definitely knows how to take care of its family, both personally and professionally.

    — Stan —
  • I’ve enjoyed gaining international marketing and communication skills and I’ve learned a lot about flexibility and patience.

    — Sarah —
  • This summer was the best summer in my life. I made lots of new friends in and outside of work. It changed my perspective of life and gave me courage to finally change my major.

    — Cathy —


Sales and Marketing

Companies are looking for candidates with strong written and spoken communication skills to drive brand strategy, forge partnerships, and take their business to the next level.

Available Positions
  • Community Management
  • Business Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing and Blogging


Design is the foundation of any strong brand. Work with companies to design everything from logos to website mockups, and build a brand across a variety of mediums and channels.

Available Positions
  • UX Designers
  • UI Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photography and Illustration


Emerging market startups struggle to find a sufficient supply of web developers from local talent pools. Put your skills to the test and build technology that scales to millions of users.

Available Positions
  • Front End Web Development
  • Back End Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Product Managers


Amazing Companies We’ve Worked With


Here's what they have to say...

  • Thanks to BrainGain, we now have access to an international talent pool that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to find locally, giving us an edge over competition in being able to hire the best.

    — Ravi Pratap, Co-Founder and CTO @ Mobstac —
  • Our business is targeted towards international markets, which makes it important for us to hire the right talent from abroad. Braingain has worked as the perfect catalyst in helping us find the ideal match. We recommend Braingain to any company looking at hiring international talent.

    — Aditya Sanghi, CEO @ Hotelogix —
  • As an employer, I was skeptical about BrainGain’s unique value proposition but knew that it can be a big win, if it clicks. We tried and it clicked! Our company gained a lot from our foreign intern. I know he learned a lot about Startups in India. Would recommend it.

    — Shivakumar Ganesan Co-Founder @Exotel, —

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the process of applying for a position through BrainGain look like?

Step 1) Sign up and fill out survey.
Step 2) Select positions of interest on candidate dashboard.
Step 3) BrainGain sends your resume to the companies we work with.
Step 4) Company accepts or rejects the candidate.
Step 5) If accepted: Connect for interview.
Step 6) Company conducts interview with candidate.
Step 7) If accepted: Company extends offer to candidate.
Step 8) Candidate accepts or rejects offer.
Step 9) If accepted: Congratulations! Let the journey begin 🙂

What types of positions can I apply for through BrainGain?

– Sales/ Business Development
– Digital Marketing
– Engineering (Front End & Back End Development, Mobile App Development)
– Data Science (Statistics, Data Mining, Quantitative Analysis, Linear Regression Modeling)
– Design (UX/UI, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design)
– Finance (Accounting, Financial Analysis and Bookkeeping,VC and Impact Investments)

Where do you have opportunities available?

We currently work with companies in Bangalore, India, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our near term plans include Hanoi, Vietnam; Singapore; Jakarta, Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; and Bangkok, Thailand. In the future we hope to expand to Central and South America. If a specific geography is of interest to you, please do let us know so we can prioritize our expansion efforts!

What is the duration of the work contract?

Generally, contracts fall into one of four categories, listed in order of frequency.
– 1 year employment
– 8-12 week internships
– 6 Month Co-Ops
– Freelance contract work

What type of salary can I expect for these positions?

For 1 Year Contracts, the general salary breakdown (from past entry level positions) is as follows:

Marketing: $600-1000 USD/month (Rs. 40,000-60,000; RM 2500-4000)
Design: $700-1200 USD/month (Rs. 50,000-80,000; RM 3000-5000)
Tech: $1000+ USD/month (Rs. 60,000+; RM 4000+)

BrainGain Tip: It is helpful to approach salaries abroad from the perspective of “What am I looking to save on a monthly basis?” Lower salaries are often compensated by a corresponding reduction in cost of living. As with any geography, it is important to view your salary in the context of your expenses. For more information on salaries, please read our article “Earn Less, Save More: Salary Expectations Abroad.

For Internships, the company generally pays for housing and will provide a small stipend of $100-300 USD/month (Rs. 5,000-20,000; RM 400-1200). In general, technical positions will receive higher stipends. More established or well-funded organizations may provide additional perks, including food, transportation, or other in-kind benefits.

What are my expected work hours?

All positions are full time and should be treated as such. Working hours will vary by company but are typically around 10a-6p. It is the responsibility of both the company and the candidate to set expectations prior to employment.

What vaccinations will I need prior to my departure? What about my prescription medications?

In most instances you will already be up to date with all of the necessary vaccinations that you will need to receive. There are a few optional vaccinations – such as Japanese encephalitis – that can be obtained at your discretion. Many candidates also obtain Malaria medication prior to coming abroad. While Bangalore and Kuala Lumpur are not areas with a high incidence of malaria, it is still a risk. We recommend that you speak with your local physician and weigh your options.

If there are any prescriptions or medications that you take in your home country on a daily basis, we recommend that you obtain a sufficient quantity to cover you for the duration of your stay. While prescription medication is typically readily available, quality is variable and certain medications may be difficult to fill. We are also happy to work with you to better help you make a decision on what you should be prepared to bring along with you.

What is the fee BrainGain charges?

3-6 Months: $500 USD

1 Year: Free of charge!

Any position through BrainGain is inclusive of the following services:

Pre-departure support
We act as a buffer between you and the company throughout the interview process. This includes assistance with your resume, helping you in interviews, offer negotiations, and anything else you might need from us prior to your acceptance of a position. Additionally, we will provide you with handbooks and documentation to better understand your transition into a new country. This is everything from food and customs to what to pack and more!

Medical Insurance Advising
The BrainGain team will advise on international medical insurance options that are available for you to purchase.

General acclimation and support
We will provide resources to help you become comfortable in your new city, including setting up your phone and internet connection, and advice on things to do, places to see, and how to get around!

The BrainGain Family
Since we place candidates on a rolling basis, you will always have an existing family waiting to welcome you with open arms upon your arrival. For anyone who has studied or spent meaningful time abroad, you know that the best part is often not the country itself, but rather the people who join you on the journey. This is what we’re all about – providing you with a family to share in your experiences and get the most out of your time abroad.

We also provide the following fee-based services for those who like the additional assistance:

Housing support – $250
BrainGain team members will assist you in finding suitable housing for your stay. We can arrange this before you arrive, or can place you in temporary housing for your first two weeks in country while helping you find a more permanent home. This is arranged strictly by the preference of the candidate.

Airport pick-up – $100
We will arrange for you to be picked up from the airport upon your arrival and will take you directly to your housing arrangement.

24/7 “Crisis aversion” support – $500
The BrainGain team will be a primary point of contact for you. In case of a crisis or emergency (even non-emergencies, for that matter), you can pick up the phone in confidence. If you want to spare your mother the panicked phone-call at 2 in the morning, this support is for you ☺. We’ve all been there before, and we understand the unique challenges that come with living and working abroad. We’ll do whatever we can to help you enjoy the experience, at all hours of the day (or night)!

When is payment due?

Payment is due upon acceptance of the position. Once we have received your payment we will begin arranging the logistics of your travel. It is absolutely free to go through the interview process and speak with as many companies as you would like. We fully encourage you to evaluate all of your options to ensure that you find a suitable placement with a company you love!

What else will I be responsible for paying?

We expect for the candidate to pay for their round-trip airfare and visa fees, unless otherwise stated by the organization with which you will be working. We do this to ensure that candidates are investing in themselves for this opportunity and have their own “skin in the game” (and plan to stay here for the full duration of their contract!). You will also be responsible for covering the cost of your housing deposit and associated moving-in/relocation/acclimation expenses. In general, these are as follows:

Airfare: $1000 USD
Visa Fees: $200 USD
Housing Deposit: $500 USD
Relocation/Moving-In: $200 USD

Listed expenses are the average for previous candidates but are expected to vary.

What happens if I want to leave before my contract is finished?

In all circumstances, 30 days written notice must be given to employer in the event that you elect to leave the company. You will be expected to finish out the 30 days to the best of your abilities and tie up any loose ends to make the transition as smooth as possible for both parties. Please approach this situation amicably and do not “burn bridges”, as this will reflect poorly on yourself as well as BrainGain.

In the event of a medical or family emergency we will handle situations on a case-by-case basis, as we understand there are sometimes extenuating circumstances that would require one to leave the country on short notice.

What happens if I want to continue working with the organization after my internship or employment contract is finished?

We fully encourage you to continue working with your host organization, especially if you have just finished a yearlong contract and would like to complete another year. If you are having a great experience and the company would like to continue working with you this is the single best outcome we could ever ask for here at BrainGain, as this means you had a great experience! Companies are generally happy to keep you on board and retain you as a member of their team, as this helps for you to make a lasting impact on the organization. If you are to stay on board, BrainGain will still be here as a resource for you.

Expectation Setting

Work First; Travel Second

Please take into account that these are serious positions with serious companies. This is not workaway, teaching English, or voluntourism. The companies we work with are bringing you on board with the intention of putting you to work and having you contribute to their organization. They want you to perform. This is a work 1st > travel 2nd type of experience. This is a professional development opportunity for career growth and we expect our applicants to bring this level of professionalism to the table. You are not on a working vacation or sabbatical. Do not interview with companies unless you are seriously considering this as a viable career path.

Transparency and Communication

We also ask that you are transparent with the companies you are interviewing with. Please let them know if you are evaluating other opportunities, interviewing with other companies, and considering other options. Please let them know how this ranks in terms of your priorities and willingness to accept. Voice your concerns to them during your initial conversations. Feel free to ask questions; they understand that you are interviewing them as well to see if this fits for what you are looking for.

Expectation setting, transparency, and communication with the companies you are interviewing with are essential to building positive lines of dialogue and a fruitful relationship with your future employer.

Discuss this opportunity with your family

Please talk with your family before interviewing with the companies that we have to offer. Moving abroad is a big decision, and one that requires necessary prior conversations with friends and family. We want to make sure that your family fully support you in your decision to work abroad, and that they feel safe and comfortable sending you to us and are confident in our care and support of you throughout your stay.

Interview Checklist

– Are you seriously considering these positions, and if offered, is there a high likelihood you will accept?
– Have you discussed this with your family?
– Do you have enough money budgeted based on our financial projections and estimates?
– Are you prepared for the experience of a lifetime?!?!

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